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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your company spray or brush and roll the cabinets?


In order to get that factory right out of the box finish, we spray        the cabinet bases in the home and spray the doors and                  drawer fronts in our shop.

  • Do you use regular paint?


No we use an industrial cabinet coating called Renner Italia           that has an added hardener for an extremely durable finish.


  • How do you spray in our home?

  We go through an extensive masking process.  The kitchen is     contained using plastic ZipWalls and air scrubbers are used         to vent out any dust or odors.


  • Can we get any color for our cabinets?

              Although we don't use your typical Benjamin Moore or                                  Sherwin Williams paints, we can get our industrial cabinet                            coating made up into any color from the popular brands.

  • Can we get new handles installed?

Yes! We can install any size handles or doorknobs.


  • Does your company install tile backsplashes and countertops?

We work with several kitchen designers that install and fabricate countertops.


  • How long does your process take?

An average size kitchen usually takes about a week, a fraction of the time and cost of a complete kitchen renovation.


  • Do you install new molding or wainscot to cabinets?

Yes we can add new crown molding and new trim to give a new look to cabinets.

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